About the IIAC

Whether traditional publishers like it or not, self-publishing is the fasting growing segment in the industry.
Having a traditional publishing deal is not a pre-requisite for most writers anymore, nor is it a guarantee of commercial success or quality writing.

Being self-published or independent, allows the author complete creative control of their work by outsourcing to professionals for editing, cover creation, formatting, and marketing if desired. It means that the finished work, copyright, subsidiary rights and profits from sales remains exclusively with the independent author.

The Irish Independent Authors’ Collective aims to raise the profile of independent authors in Ireland through a campaign of awareness on all media and to provide a platform for Irish independent authors with books of the highest standard, from which they can distribute and sell their work nationwide.
Membership is open to Irish residents who have self-published a book in paperback or hardback and to Irish independent authors living abroad who are willing to travel to Ireland for promotions and events.

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