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Welcome to The Irish Independent Authors’ Collective

Firstly, Cead Mile Failte or a hundred, thousand welcomes to The Irish Independent Authors’ Collective website. Things are moving at a fast pace with so many members eager to roll up their sleeves and get involved, and it’s wonderful to see a start being made on what, we believe, will be an invaluable organisation with regards to raising the profile of Irish Independent Authors and promoting their work.

We are a diverse and very creative group with genres ranging from historical fiction, sci-fi, romantic fiction, horror, poetry, crime fiction to memoir and many more. In fact, we couldn’t really categorise our writers as many refuse to be pigeonholed or defined. Every writer is different, coming from different areas of life and experience and together we form a cohesive group of writers with one thing in common – we are all Independent Authors; we have creative and commercial control over our work and this means we must make sure  our work is of the highest quality possible to compete with our traditional counterparts.

We look forward to seeing The Irish Independent Authors’ Collective grow into a strong platform, from which we can raise the perception and profile of Indie authors nationwide and create a brand synonymous with quality Irish writing.

Please join our facebook group for day-to-day discussions and information on all things IIAC –




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